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Today, once again, from my own experience, I was convinced that Internet games are evil. They do not allow you to relax, do not allow you to do something useful…

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Does the computer lose performance?
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What is PDF and how to open it. Brief information

All novice computer users sooner or later come to the question of how to open PDF. Why? First of all, because in the Windows operating system there are no built-in application programs (viewers, readers) for opening files of this extension. The second reason is the widespread availability of e-books, which are PDF documents and which are faced by almost all users of the PC and the Internet.
Portable Document Format (PDF) is a cross-platform format for electronic documents created by Adobe Systems using a number of features of the PostScript language. First of all, pdf is intended for electronic representation of printing and text products. The PDF format allows you to embed the necessary fonts (line-by-line text), vector and bitmap images, forms and multimedia inserts. The PDF format is very popular nowadays. Many e-books and magazines are distributed in pdf format, as It is very versatile and convenient.
So than to open a PDF, or rather what programs to use to work with this extension of documents, we will answer this question in this article.

The most common tool for working with PDF, a program from Adobe Adobe Reader. It is worth noting that this program was developed by the same company (Adobe Systems), which developed this PDF format itself.
The functionality of Adobe Reader is limited, but for the average user, the provided capabilities are quite enough. That is, you can open PDF documents, view, search and print.
Distributed by Adobe Reader for free, you can download the program from the official website: adobe.com.

Another software product for working with PDF from the company Adobe Systems is the Adobe Acrobat program, which is characterized by high functionality and gluttony. Moreover, gluttony is characteristic both of the system resources of the computer and the wallet of the end user of this product (the program is expensive).
Using Adobe Acrobat makes sense only for specific tasks that cannot be solved using other software.

The second most popular free tool for working with PDF is the Foxit Reader program, which overtakes Adobe Reader in several respects, it is slightly faster, less demanding on system resources, and more functional. On the other hand, Foxit Reader has a poor-quality translation of the interface into Russian (but this is fixable over time) and sometimes it does not work stably, for example, when printing. Nevertheless, for home use it can be recommended as the best option.

Cool PDF Reader works well with pdf documents. This program (Cool PDF Reader) is designed to view (open) and print files with the PDF extension. Also Cool PDF Reader can convert PDF format to graphic: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS. The program extracts text from PDF documents into a TXT file, shows a slide show in full screen mode and supports PDF of any version.

You may also like the compact program STDU viewer 1.5 for reading electronic documents and books.
Supports DjVu, PDF and TIFF formats.
To read several books, there are separate bookmarks with the ability to search in each of them, and the bookmark system allows you to return to the last page you read at any time. In addition to viewing, it is possible to print a document.

The interface is multilingual.
This STDU viewer is free for non-commercial use.
Next on our list is the Foxit Reader program. Advantages: speed of work with pdf files and intuitive interface. You can always download the latest version of the product from the developer’s site.

Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF, Brava Reader, PDF-XChange, eXPert PDF Reader is an incomplete list of programs working with pdf files.

There are many more reader programs for working with documents in PDF format, only the most common, which are quite enough, were listed above for the PC user. Now the question of opening files with the PDF extension can be considered closed.

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