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Why does my computer freeze?

Does your computer freeze? Do you complain about a PC? At the crucial moment, whether it is saving an important document or killing another enemy in the game, the computer hangs tight. There are a lot of reasons for this, but we will consider the most popular of them.

The computer freezes and slows down in the following cases.
Viruses, worms and trojans.
In addition to the fact that spyware and viruses pose a serious threat to the security of the system, they can also seriously reduce the overall performance of the computer and in some cases even lead to a computer freeze. The first stage of the battle with such programs is a system scan using the latest versions of anti-spyware and anti-virus software.

Such applications help detect and remove malware on the PC. If software scanners do not help in killing spyware, try the following:

Locate suspicious processes and terminate them through the Windows Task Manager (Task Manager).
Locate suspicious processes and shut them down through the Computer Management console.
Find the suspicious processes, startup items and terminate their work through the System Configuration utility (System Configuration, Msconfig.exe).
Locate and delete registry entries associated with suspicious processes and startup items.
Locate and delete suspicious files.
Install and use several programs to detect and remove spyware.
Note: if the above solutions could help, start Windows in Safe Mode and try again. The algorithm for removing the virus depends on the type of virus program.

PS: If my computer freezes, then the first thing I do is run an anti-virus scan or look for updates for the anti-virus.

The computer freezes due to processor overheating.
Modern processors during operation emit quite a lot of heat. Therefore, their operation requires the presence of a cooling element, usually a cooler. Machines used for games and other activities that place a heavy load on the processor often use special water-cooled systems or refrigerant-based systems.

When the maximum allowable temperature of the processor is exceeded, the system starts to work slowly or intermittently and as a result the computer freezes.

Modern motherboards have integrated processor temperature monitoring technology, reports of which can be viewed in the BIOS.
A fan stop on a processor cooler can be caused by several reasons:

A large amount of dust interferes with the normal rotation of the fan.
A fan motor failure has occurred.
Due to wear on the bearings, the fan began to “shake”.
To determine if there is a malfunction in the cooler, you can listen and / or touch the computer. A fan with loose bearings begins to shake and causes the case to shake. In this case, a characteristic noise is produced, if you listen carefully.

However, even experienced PC users often do not pay attention to such noise. But over time, sounds and tremors become too noticeable, and the only solution that comes to the user’s mind is to replace the cooler.
However, fan replacement is not always needed. If the matter is dust, it is enough to remove it with the pressure of compressed air. But keep in mind that even if you manage to start the fan again, under excessive load, its life will be rapidly reduced.

Therefore, in case the cooler fails, it is advisable to buy another one in reserve.
There are many utilities for monitoring the temperature of the processor and its case that will help you avoid freezing the computer.

The computer freezes due to a malfunction in the memory.
Malfunctions in the memory can cause the computer to freeze due to the fact that:

• RAM processes synchronize more slowly than expected.
• The RAM bar has minor defects that can only be detected during full testing.
• An overheating of the RAM module has occurred.

During the reign of FRM RAM, the purchase of RAM was quite simple. It was enough to know what speed the motherboard is capable of supporting and the maximum memory size for each slot.

Nowadays, there are various types of RAM operating at different speeds. Advanced motherboards support memory at speeds below maximum performance.

For example, some boards support ECC RAM, but they can work with a different type of memory, or they can support both types of DIMM memory: PC2700 and PC3200. Please note that in this case, you probably have to change the current settings of the corresponding BIOS parameters, while the overall performance indicators may also decrease.

Small defects in RAM modules can lead to unstable and slow operation of the system.

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