Why is Twitter so popular?
Of course, everyone knows what Twitter is and with its concept of short message tweets (tweets), no more than 140 characters, everyone is familiar. And what to do, the Internet…

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Web-sites' templates. Free Internet Resource Templates
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How to clean and lubricate the fans of the computer system unit
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How to connect multiple computers to the Internet through one

It all started with the fact that I connected to the regional fishing net. The speed of 100Mbps was very impressive and pleasantly pleased. The Internet was incredibly bright (especially when you consider that I used to be on a modem connection). But here is a problem, on a stationary computer I sit very rarely, as I got a laptop and now I do all the work on it. Conveniently, the laptop is always with you both at home and at work. The task was to connect the laptop to the Internet through a stationary computer.

The fact is that the main mechanism for identifying users in regional networks is identification by the MAC address of the network card. And if I disconnect the stationary computer from the provider’s network and connect a laptop in its place, I get a “turnaround” from the gate, since the network card on the laptop has a different (unknown to the provider) MAC address. It was possible to do the substitution of this address, but this is not entirely legal, but it was possible to configure access to the Internet through an existing desktop computer, which I did.

The idea is to connect to an existing Internet connection (in my case, it’s a local area network of the provider, but it can be anything – an ADSL connection, broadband access via cable TV network, etc., in the flesh to a dial-up dial-up connection), connect my local network (it can be one computer or a local office or company local network on several computers). In my case, I connected one of my laptops, but if I need to expand the number of computers on the local network and have Internet access, this will not become a big problem. But this is the task of building a local network.

For this, a computer that acts as a gateway between networks (internal and external) must have one network card to connect to the Internet, and the second to connect to the internal local network. Such a computer is called a “router,” because it routes traffic (information-data) between the two networks.

Piece of iron
I started with the hardware, as this is the first thing that needed to be completed. A second network card was installed in the stationary computer in order to connect to it an internal local area network (consisting of one of my laptops;). Then I connected the laptop with a straight (cross-over) cable to the second network card and proceeded to configure it. Setting up the connection of two computers to a network is described in this article, “How to Connect Two Computers to a Network,” so I won’t focus on this, let’s move on to how to make the Internet for everyone.

Network Settings on the Gateway Computer

Press the “Start” button and go to the “Control Panel”. We select the “Network Connections” shortcut and in the window that appears we find the “Local Area Connection” shortcut that appears, right-click on it and select “Properties” and in the window that appears, go to the “Advanced” tab.

On this tab, we find and boldly check the box next to “Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this computer” and click “OK.” After that, Windows will inform you that the IP address is installed on this network card and the DHCP service is enabled.

Network Settings on the Client Computer

In principle, after that you can safely turn on another computer and put it in the IP address setting field “Get IP address automatically,” but you can also set the IP address parameters yourself, but they must be on the same subnet as the main gateway (IP address 192.168 .0.1 in our case, and for subscriber computers, the IP address from to, respectively). The only thing you have to specify is the “Main Gateway” through which the subscriber computer will go online (by default, if we did not change it on the main computer, the IP address of the main gateway is

After that, click “OK” and launch Explorer, enter the address that interests you on the Internet and wait for the download. For ICQ, E-mail, you do not need to configure anything additionally; it works great with the default settings.

But I would like to focus your attention on the fact that it is desirable to immediately put some kind of firewall in order to protect yourself from unwanted guests and try to restrict them to some users or the services available to them.

This solution is suitable for a home or a very small company or a very small number of computers on the network, since it has practically no monitoring and control tools, but for the Internet it is important. For organizations and companies in general, in principle, it is better to use other services, hardware-software for solving these problems.

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