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Buying in the online store from and to

In recent years, the popularity of online stores in  has grown. It is understandable, because buying something in an online store is very convenient. You can find and choose exactly the product that you need and not look for an alternative in real stores. You can also find out all the information about an exciting product in the description. Yes, in general, a lot of any advantages with such a purchase, but the most important thing is that you do not need to go anywhere, you make all purchases at home at the computer. With all this, you can save some money on this type of purchase, as often the prices in ordinary stores are “inflated” by 5 (or even more) times. It is clear that the future of online stores.

Choose an online store
So we decided what we are looking for, drove it into a search form and a lot of online stores selling this product popped up in front of us. Another advantage of online stores is that you can quickly “walk” on them and ask the price because prices, as in real stores, are all different for the same product.

And so we chose both the product and the store in which we will buy it, it is best to choose reputable online stores that have already proven themselves from the best side.

Popular misconceptions
Many people think that when ordering goods through an online store, you must register in this store, but this is a misconception. You may well not have to register in this store, but simply enter your details when ordering, they will be saved with the order. When registering, your data will be substituted automatically. You indicated them during the registration procedure.

Find out the store’s coverage area and delivery methods
You can see the list of “actions” of the store, i.e. what zones (regions, cities, countries) this store sells. It also does not hinder to get acquainted with all the methods of delivery of goods provided by this store. Well, this list is usually the same for all stores. It can be: courier delivery and mail delivery by regular or cash on delivery.

Choose a convenient delivery method
Since courier delivery is usually quite expensive and is carried out only (as a rule) in some small area (city), it is best to choose mail delivery by cash on delivery. What is cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is the amount of money that the postal service collects on behalf of the sender from the addressee upon delivery of the last postal item and which is forwarded to the sender (or the person indicated by him) by postal or telegraphic transfer.

That is, with cash on delivery you pay when you receive the parcel – this is a very convenient way of payment, because many people do not like to pay in advance for goods.

We place an order
But back to the online store, we decided to pay for cash on delivery, what to do next?

Click on the button “put in the basket” (or similar), put the same virtual shopping basket with the pat and select “pay for the order”, the amount of your order without delivery will also be written there. Choose a payment method. Then you will be offered either to register (because it is mandatory at some stores) or simply enter your details to send the parcel to you by mail or courier. If you want to be sent to the address to you later on a parcel arrived in your name, be sure to indicate your actual address of residence (otherwise there will be no notification). That’s all with checkout.

We calculate the time of arrival
Now we are waiting for the parcel to arrive at the post office you specified. Parcel arrival time may vary from many factors, but basically it is the remoteness of your village from the sender (store).

If you want to know the exact time of arrival of the parcel, then you need to go to the Russian Post website in the section Delivery times for RPOs.

Fill out the form on the page that opens:
Location of the place of reception – select the region, the region where the package will be sent from (usually the address is written in the online store).
Location of the place of delivery – choose the region, the region where the package will be delivered. Then you can specify the settlement, for this, select a value in the Settlement list.
Click “Display”
Also, you can clarify your question how much the package is going, depending on the type: letter, parcel, parcel, EMS-mail, letter 1 class, parcel 1 class.

You will be shown a graph that shows the ratio of the number of days from the moment of sending to the moment of delivery to the number of delivered parcels.

To determine as accurately as possible How long the package is going, select the highest bar on the chart and see how many days the largest number of packages was delivered. See an example of how long the package takes:

Based on the data on how long the parcel of the Russian Post is being sent, remember that this schedule does not reflect the actual delivery time, due to the different reaction of the recipients to the delivery notification, but to evaluate the terms, i.e. answer the question how long is the package this schedule can.

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