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Many ways to open djvu format both on a computer and on a phone

Recently, electronic books in the DjVu format have been very popular. Files in this format are generally smaller in size than PDF extension documents. The djvu format is widely used on the web. Many books, magazines on the Internet are contained in this format. However, PDF viewers do not support DjVu, which is why you have to work with two different programs at once.

The situation when it is impossible to view files with the djvu extension indicates that a program is not installed on the computer to view this format. As a rule, this problem is encountered by inexperienced users who first downloaded an e-book in the Internet library or received a djvu document by e-mail.

A little about this format:

The DjVu (DejaVu) format was developed by AT&T to transmit scanned documents containing both text and graphics over the network. Compared to PDF, it is more efficient. The gain is achieved due to the system of dividing the original document into layers – graphics (usually with a resolution of 100dpi), text and background layer (in this case, background fragments closed by text or pictures are removed from the final file, the file size is reduced). The use of this technology allows you to compress files of the same quality 3 times more compared to the PDF format. Another advantage of djvu is that viewing the document is possible as it is downloaded from the network – it is not necessary to wait until it is fully downloaded. Viewing djvu files is possible both with the help of plug-ins embedded in browsers, as well as stand-alone programs.

Programs for working with the djvu format can be conditionally divided into 4 categories: creating, reading, editing and converting files.

The most common question is how and how to open a djvu file. In this case, there are several options.

You can use a special program – Portable DJVU Reader.

DjVuReader is designed to view files in djvu format in Windows95 / 98 / XP / vista / seven. The program was written as follows: dll with interfaces for VC-7 was built from the source code of DjVuLibre-3.5.12 for Linux. The entire GUI part of the program is written under Borland C Builder 6. A program for viewing djvu files. This reader is able to adjust the brightness and contrast for images.


supports viewing in single and double page modes;
adjust the brightness and contrast of the image;
supports page indexes and content;
copying text and images;
opening all files in tabs in one window;
Convenient keyboard navigation that eliminates the need for a mouse.
The most popular free programs are Djvu Solo and WinDjView.

Djvu Solo – a program for creating and editing documents in DjVu format. This graphic editor is very well built in relation to its capacity and the quality of the graphics processed by it. It has such important abilities as the ability to convert images from other formats and vice versa, multi-page viewing and other useful qualities.
Its unique feature is its extremely compact size when storing images in high resolution (300 DPI and higher).
In addition, this format is optimized for transmission over the network so that the page can be viewed before the download is completed. Thus, DJVU is a unique tool for opening Internet access to the funds of ordinary, paper libraries.
DjVu Solo 3.1 is a good alternative to Adobe Acrobat and PDF.

WinDjView is a program for viewing DjVu files. Supports smooth scrolling and advanced printing options.
Note: DjVu (deja vu) is a graphic format originally optimized for storing scanned documents. In addition, it is ideal for creating electronic books, especially technical literature with an abundance of diagrams and formulas, because allows you to compress the electronic document well without losing its “readability”.

You can also use the STDU Viewer.

STDU Viewer makes viewing electronic documentation more convenient. The program has very simple tools for navigating a document, allows you to view content and quickly navigate to the desired fragment. It is possible to scale pages, display several pages on the screen at the same time, rotate pages 90 degrees. In addition, while reading the documentation, you can add bookmarks to quickly find important pieces of text. In addition, the program supports hyperlinks to content in those formats where such an opportunity exists.

Actually, here is the whole list of popular programs opening this format:
Portable DJVU Reader, Djvu Solo, WinDjView, STDU Viewer.

Well, if these options are not acceptable to you, then you can download and install the DjVu Browser Plug-in for IE, Firefox and Safari, after which the djvu file will be opened directly in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. It should be noted that plugins, as a rule, have truncated functionality and are intended primarily for quick viewing of a document on the Internet.

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