Virtual reality - evil or salvation? Leave so as not to return ...
When friendship is apart, love has exhausted itself and the finest thread that tied people is torn - then their paths diverge, and each goes his own way in life.…

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CHKDSK blue disk check drive on Windows startup
Sometimes it happens that after the boot screen of the Windows operating system, the blue CHKDSK screen pops up with percent calculations instead of the usual desktop boot. What is…

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We start your broadcast
Let's forget for a second that you will be talking about something on the air. We will pretend your show is in the “all-rock, no-talk” format. Nothing but non-stop music.…

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Virtuality or reality? Internet through the eyes of an ordinary user

The World Wide Web provides virtually unlimited opportunities in obtaining information of interest to us. Online stores, trackers, social networks, dating sites, electronic magazines and newspapers, encyclopedias, forums – all this is available at any time of the day or night. We have more than 200 million (!) Sites at our disposal.

It would seem that such a major information bank is one of the best inventions of mankind. But what is really behind this? After all, the Internet is not in vain called the World Wide Web …

1. Dependence

As a rule, once registering on the site, we periodically return to it, especially with regard to entertainment portals, social networks, trackers, online games. New messages in the mailbox, new acquaintances, new episodes of your favorite series – all this appears every day, increasing our interest. The Internet introduces us to a different world, different from the harsh reality, filled with everyday work and trials. The network is like an adventure – vibrant, interesting, exciting. But unlike real life, which gives us along with the difficulties of true friends, love, joy, pleasure, self-confidence, the virtual world only creates illusory copies of all this. However, once on the Web, few dare to leave it once and for all.

Opinions of other users:
Olya, 21 years old: “Like any person sitting on the Web, you move away from reality.”
Sergey, 22 years old: “Why is the Internet addictive? Most likely, due to loneliness and inability to find something interesting in the realities of the public. ”

2. Fictitious relationships

All social networks in unison echo that by registering on their website, we will make new acquaintances, friends and even be able to meet a soul mate. In fact, we get attachment to people whom we often have never seen in real life. This happens for several reasons.

Firstly, a person evokes sympathy because he pays a lot of attention to us, gives compliments, leaves positive comments on photographs, etc., thus compensating for our dissatisfaction with ourselves and increasing our self-esteem. Secondly, the interlocutor, without realizing it, creates a certain image that inspires us admiration, despite the fact that this is just a model of a person who in reality may turn out to be its complete opposite.

In other words, we tend to overestimate the interlocutor because of his manner of conducting a conversation, common interests, good relations with us, etc. In real life, a lot of time will pass before you start calling a person a friend, on the Internet a couple of weeks is enough for this. True, there is one “but”: a virtual friend – virtual support.

Opinions of other users:
Nastya, 21 years old: “Friendship by correspondence is possible. Why not, if people parted and correspond, so as not to lose touch. ”
Maxim, 23 years old: “It is unlikely that the person with whom you correspond will begin to help you in reality if there are problems. Friendship – however sad it may be, real and long when both people receive something from each other. ”

3. Loss of time

The vastness of the Internet sometimes plays a trick on us, forcing us to return to the Web again and again. Planning to spend here no more than half an hour, we linger for at least another couple of hours. It all starts with checking mail and writing replies to messages sent, then watching the latest videos and new photos in the profile of a virtual friend, reading news or weather forecasts, downloading music and movies, etc. The result is an endless chain of actions.

The time spent on the Internet is limited only by our physical capabilities (until our eyes turn red), the amount of free time and our own consciousness. Often, more important and useful things are simply ignored: a musical instrument gathers dust in the corner, the last chapter of a favorite novel awaits reading, training in the gym is delayed.

Opinions of other users:
Alexei, 22 years old: “The time that a person spends in the virtual world cannot be returned. It is impossible to spend it on loved ones, on a good rest, on real life. ”
Sergey, 20 years: “I spend a quarter of a day exactly on the Internet on different sites. Sometimes one gets the feeling that this time could be spent more profitably, but in general it can be said that I am pleased with this order of things. ”

4. Lack of censorship

Unlike print publications, radio and television programs, which still have some limitations, the Internet is fully consistent with the theoretical provisions of democracy – “Long live freedom of speech!”. Everything here is based on self-control, which, as you know, most people do not have. In almost every forum, there is a rule – users should not use obscenities and insults in their statements, but in reality, the implementation of this requirement is often controlled by no one and nothing. Any first grader can stumble upon an unwanted site, and quite by accident.

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