Why does my computer freeze?
Does your computer freeze? Do you complain about a PC? At the crucial moment, whether it is saving an important document or killing another enemy in the game, the computer…

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Web-sites' templates. Free Internet Resource Templates
Connecting your browser to the global Internet is no big deal. A person constantly wants to communicate, and for this you need to create your own page, on which you…

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What is spam?
What is spam? Probably this word is already familiar to every PC user and Internet citizen. Indeed, spam is everywhere, there’s nowhere to go from it, it’s everywhere. Probably the…

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the appearance

How to download videos from YouTube?

In fact, downloading a video from YouTube is easier than it sounds at first. Actually, this will not be difficult even for the most unprepared user of a personal computer. Well, let’s all in order.

YouTube is the most popular online video storage and streaming service in the world. It is on YouTube that contains the largest number of videos on the global Internet. The site ranks third in the world in terms of traffic after Google and Facebook. It is watched daily by millions of videos by users from all over the world. It is clear that in the midst of such an abundance of clips and videos, everyone will find something that they will certainly want to download Continue reading

How to enter the bios? And a little about BIOS

Let us consider in more detail what happens when the desktop (stationary) computer is turned on and how to get into the BIOS Setup itself.

Boot order
First of all, it turns out whether the processor and RAM modules are installed in the motherboard. Next, the video card is initialized and checked. Information on its type, the amount of installed video memory, and possibly some other parameters that are inherent in your PC appear on the monitor screen.

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How to create your own website from scratch with your own hands

Idea – think over our future site.
1. A simple site is an example of a simple one-page site. It also mentions some naming conventions and features of HTML pages.
2. Develop a site – 2 steps are described to create your own site from scratch.
2.1 Website template development – step-by-step creation of a website template using Adobe Photoshop, selecting fragments and saving for use in pages.
2.2 Site layout – the main tags of an HTML document and how to organize the content of static pages.
2.3 Website in PHP – the difference between static and dynamic pages. We convert the site into a 3-page Continue reading

Open the fb2 format
When surfing the Internet, you may come to this question: "How to open fb2?". But really, why open such an extraordinary format? Well, let's take turns. FictionBook - a format…


NTLDR is missing - system recovery
I’ll tell you that I know about a common error in Windows NTLDR is missing operating systems and about system recovery when it occurs. NTLDR is a bootloader (boot file)…


Podcasting instead of live stream
The second option is podcasting. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have an iPod on hand to listen to the podcast. A podcast is just the whole mp3 file (Video…


How to promote a blog?
This question is very relevant, and hundreds (or thousands) of more or less successful bloggers ask themselves that no one is reading their blog. Well, I propose to sort this…